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Appointment Setting Made Easy

Discover a 2-Step Introductions System That can Triple Your Appointment Numbers!

FREE 36 Minute Training Audio

Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work

Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work The secrets to cold calling techniques that really work come from the field. They come from sweat equity. They come from the experience of making tens of thousands of prospecting calls. Ove my 27 years in the business world,...

FREE 36 Minute Training Audio

A live recording of James McNamara training on how to make appointment setting calls without fear, pressure or rejection.

What Customers Say

I learned more in 4 training modules than in previous years of seminars.

The most beneficial training I have done in the past 10 years. Perfectly related and specific to my current role and situation. A genuine eye opener.

My weekly net income increased by 100% in 120 days thanks to James McNamara.

After 30 years of sales, I still found new ways of selling and applying lessons learned.

The last email that James wrote for me resulted in $247,000 worth of new opportunities into my sales pipeline… Wow!

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