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Here are a few ideas on cold calling scripts you can use to introduce yourself and set an appointment. I’ve focused on two points where people often flounder in the cold calling scripts. Firstly I deal with the initial few seconds of the introduction. Secondly, I cover a professional way to set an appointment.

Let’s get into it…

Your prospects have all had their time wasted by salespeople in the past. They don’t want to do it again. Further, your prospect cannot tell over the phone who is worth seeing and who isn’t, so you have to differentiate yourself.

On a call you only have two things that can differentiate you from the pack;

  1. The words and phrases you use
  2. How you sound which accounts for a staggering 84% of the meaning you transfer on the call.

So make sure that your cold calling script doesn’t sound the same as all of your competitors. Most of your competitors will be getting on a call and running through the same old ‘name, rank and serial number’ style introduction.

Be different, such as;

“Hello [Name], it’s [Your Name], how are you?”

Say it with a smile and if you can, stand up when you make the call (trust me, just try standing up). Most often they will reciprocate your politeness by saying “Good thank, how are you?” Already you have started positive and different than 90% of other marketing calls that the prospect receives. You’ll notice that I design my cold calling scripts as if I were talking to a friend. I assume that I am going to get a positive and warm response.

Let’s keep going…

When they ask you how you are, say “[Name], I’m having a great day, thanks for asking…”

This may spark a bit of small talk, if it does run with it and take advantage of the rapport building that it brings. As you can see, this style is not cold and when you use it neither will your calls!

Let’s jump ahead a bit here to the part where the appointment setting call often falls over… asking for the appointment.
Many people use a polite and non-threatening approach such as;

“I’d like to introduce myself and my company to you”.

While this sounds polite and professional, it doesn’t suggest that you are going to add any value.

Remember all you have on the call are the words you use and the way you sound. Try this instead. First, stand up, then smile and say; “I’d like to sit down with you for 25 minutes to see how we may be able to help you reduce your overall cost of ______ and increase your ______ results… this is our area of specialty.”

That sounds like you are going to add value.

The prospect may respond with “OK, tell me about your company.” At this point, it’s important to remember that the number one goal of your call is to get an appointment… nothing else. So this is no time to launch into a company presentation. You can answer the prospect’s question above like this;

“There are 4 fundamental things that set us apart when it comes to delivering (your key benefit) to our clients, which includes a couple of proprietary offerings that only we have. I’ll be able to detail all 4 points of differentiation when we meet up. How does your diary look towards the end of this week?”

I specifically tried not to get into very much detail. Even though, in this case, the prospect asked for more information, it is better to hold the detailed conversation off until the meeting.

You can even say “there’s a bit too much detail to go through on this phone call [Prospect Name], let’s catch up for a coffee and I’ll walk you through the key things we help companies like your with.”

Keep in mind that the purpose of the cold call is to ‘sell the appointment’. You seel your company and product/service at the appointment once you have developed an understanding of their business and their individual needs.

In conclusion, don’t try to do more on the phone call than you need to. DO what is required to set the appointment. Leave the prospect knowing that they will get useful information from you when you meet …then get onto the next call.

Good luck! 

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