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This article discusses three cold calling techniques to help you if you find prospecting an uncomfortable and unrewarding task. This article will help you to refine your prospecting strategy. The cold calling techniques covered relate to three suicide phrases that you should avoid at all costs. These ideas will set you apart from the pack and show you how to put a constant flow of prospects into your sales funnel.

Most people don’t get past first base when prospecting. They shoot themselves in the foot when talking to the receptionist (or gatekeeper). Follow the cold calling techniques below and you’ll have much more success getting put through to the decision maker.


Cold Calling Suicide Phrase 1

“Good morning my name is Jerry Smith from ABC Company, how are you today?” This sounds fake! It is what so many salespeople say right before they launch into a pushy sales pitch… it sets alarm bells ringing in the mind of the prospect. And that means game over.

Instead, be natural and just say “Hello Joanne, Jerry Smith here, how are you?”

Speak to them as you would speak to any other person that you’ve just met. This approach sounds calm, confident and non-threatening. It opens the way to conversation and rapport building.


Cold Calling Suicide Phrase 2

“… the reason for my call today is…” Don’t say that! Justifying your call in this way has no posture. Top performers ask for the prospect to help them out. They say something like “I was hoping you could point me in the right direction?” This is a courteous and very effective way of communicating with the receptionist and usually elicits a response like “Certainly, what can I do for you today?”

Cold Calling Suicide Phrase 3

“…our company is (blah, blah, blah). They don’t care! They don’t know you and they aren’t interested in hearing your company’s features and benefits.
Many cold callers make this mistake. They wrongly think that if they can just get across to the prospect how great their company and product/service is, that the prospect will beat a path to their door.

Instead of getting good at presenting your company, get good at engaging the prospect in conversation. Sure, you’ll tell them something about your company, but save the juicy details for when you meet with them.

Your conversation with the prospect should be about the problems (pain points) that they have and that you help companies make that exact pain go away. You could say something like this;

“Bill, we’ve recently compiled some fascinating data on how 4 local companies in [your industry] have reduced costs by up to 21% and increased production productivity by a whopping 37%. As a way of introducing our business, I’d like to make that information available to you. Do you have an interest?”

The strategy of offering useful information first as a way of securing a meeting to educate the prospect is what I call 2-Step Cold Calling.

To conclude, you should do your own testing on these suicide phrases. Just ask a few receptionists that you know how ‘ticked off’ they get by phrases like these. This will help you craft a different approach. When you are different from the pack, you’ll be perceived differently and ultimately received better by your prospects. Not only will your results improve but your anxiety and pressure will reduce dramatically too.

Good luck!

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